Phone System

Our VOIP phone systems provide an affordable way for employees to stay connected.Whether your workers are spread across multiple offices nationwide, are based in homeoffices or work on the move, our solutions can help make them more efficient andavailable – boosting productivity all round.

Thare are a whole range of features such as voicemail, call-forwarding, do not disturb,hunt groups, call queueing, headsets, conferencing, call history, call recording, speed dial,hold music, call analysis, cheaper tariffs and freedom of location. Mobilephones can also be added to the system and be assigned a unique extension number.

The system can ring external calls on nominated handsets or the calls can go to an interactivemenu where callers can choose a destination from multiple menu options.

Aside from the handsets, there are no capital costs for the system. The “control box” is alldone on-line, which greatly reduces the purchase costs. The cost of the system is based onthe number of extensions required and these are charged at £8.50 + VAT per month each. The onlyother cost (apart from call charges) is how many external numbers are assigned to the system.

There are no set number of lines and neither is there a limit to the number of concurrent calls you can make and receive.

Office hours & voicemail

The system can be programmed to switch on and off automatically at set office hours. However, it is possible to override these settings if it is necessary to leave the number unattended. The system will handle any incoming calls and send a recording of the voice call to the designated email address(s). Alternatively, calls can diverted to another number. These options can be changed as required.

Outside of office hours, the calls can go straight to voicemail and these messages are then emailed to one or more designated email addresses.

Fax to email

A Fax to Email service is available for businesses that wish to dispense with a fax machine. Senders call a designated number and the fax is converted to an email, which is sent to a specified email address. This services costs £1.50 + VAT per month.


There are a variety of handsets to choose from, starting at £50 + VAT.

These handsets can be traditional-style desk phones with the option of a headset. Other options are cordless phones or even an app that installs on Smartphones.

Call Reports and Analysis

The telephone system contains a wide range of tools to assist with analysis of call flows and statistics.

These reports can focus on such things as call duration, unanswered calls, volume of calls, call destination etc. The basis of the reports can be company wide, queue specific or extension specific.